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Bluehost review: the Helpdesk

You are a geek who is making the next generation Facebook and are trying to figure out where to host the content, what tools to use and how to advertise your next generation Facebook. Come to Bluehost and the helpdesk has everything covered for you, post your query to the help desk and get an almost instant answer. If you are in a hurry, call the Bluehost’s 1-800 numbers and somebody will answer your queries in no time. The help desk also allows you to make friends with the people who have the knowhow to that the next time you are stuck you know exactly whom at bluehost to ask. Does it ever get simpler than this to start an online technology product? Just shed your fears and be assured that like the other excellent bluehost reviews you would be giving an excellent review to Bluehost. Even Mark Zuckerberg would have wished he knew of bluehost when he started Facebook, it is your turn now.



Before VPS Hosting – What Was There?

The ability of one webmaster to be able to have their own separate server is, of course, the best possible world for one that has many web sites and/or an extremely large number of visitors.  The shared server hosting system is the worst possible for this scenario.  The in between, or compromise, of the situation is the VPS hosting companies that are taking up the slack when it comes to this need when you are faced with the above situation.

The Virtual Private Server is the next generation way of hosting your very busy web sites.  The physical server is partitioned off into separate servers and you are placed on a dedicated part of that server.  It is yours and no one else is on it.  It can be manipulated, re-booted and changed around to suit you as much as it needs to and it will not affect anyone else.  What is better is that you will not be influenced by anything that other people do with theirs either.

1 and 1 Hosting Review

Sometimes trying to find a website hosting site that is able to offer a great discount will mean searching around through lots of coupons. That is not the case with 1and1 hosting . Within this 1and1 review, you can find out the best deal and whether what you get for the plan is worth it.

The deal that the website offers is six months free. This is perfect if you want to spend some time to find out whether it is something that you can work with. You can sign up for a year but only pay for six months, which is plenty of time to find out whether the website hosting lives up to everything that it promises or not.

Within that time, you can have up to 10 free .uk domain names for free, which means you do not need to pay for the registration. This is something well worth considering if you are looking at starting your own website development business and need a portfolio to gain business.