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WordPress Hosting .Org versus .Com

When it comes to WordPress hosting, you have two options: or While the two systems are based on similar things, such as being a blogging system and letting you create your own blogs or websites with very little struggle, there are many fundamental differences between them all. is purely a service that you can use to get started with your own blog but there are a number of limitations as compared to, which is the system that you can download to your own computer. only allows you to create your own blog whereas you are able to expand to websites through the use of

However, with downloading it to your computer, requires the use of FTP and a database so that you can run it properly, which not everybody is able to support. is perfect for those who simply want to run a small blog and get started in minutes. Both systems are free to use and there are pay for options if you want to upgrade in any way.

Disaster Recovery with Managed Hosting

Because of the extra money that you will pay for managed hosting and the fact that you will get a dedicated server, the security on your website is much better than on most other types of web hosting.

One of the best parts of managed website hosting is that your website is constantly backed up and a form of disaster recovery is put in place. This helps if you make changes to your website on a daily or weekly basis. By the website being backed up regularly, usually once per day, you will not need to go right back to the start of your website if there has been a problem. You can make the changes from the state of the site the day before.

However, by having a disaster recovery side, you will probably find that your website is stored in two places. That way, if there is a problem on your main server, your website can be pulled from the second place it is stored and continue running as normal.

A General Overview of the Cpanel Hosting System

Cpanel hosting is one of the most essential systems that you can have when you are concerned about the management of your most important presence, your Internet presence.  With this very flexible tool you can handle all of the things that you need to publish and manipulate your web pages for the best effect.  You can take care of your e-mail management, including the auto responders, MySQL databases and the ability to take a good hard look at the page statistics that are your main insight into what is happening on your sites.

The ability to incorporate blogs, content management scripts and discussion boards on your web pages should be enough of an incentive to make sure that the hosting company you have your account with offers cpanel. However, the other functionalities that this versatile tool provides are the proverbial icing on the cake.  Things such as one platform file management for all sites, designation of disc space, and the addition and maintenance of sub domains.