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Web hosting review options

Since the Internet is more than 10 years old now, you have a plethora of choices as far as your web hosting options go. The place to look at is to read a web hosting review that is posted by someone you trust. Subsequently read many more reviews to make sure that the hosting company with whom you are deciding to host your website with is not a fake. The next thing to do is to read the contract carefully and pay special attention to exclusion clauses that are generally mentioned in small letters. Also, make sure you understand their support clauses and the kind of technologies they offer. Internet bandwidth that is offered by the web hosting provider coupled with the amount of storage and the number of servers a web hosting provider can offer should help you decide what is the right choice for your website. You should also talk to the customer service representative to gauge the skillset of the employees of the hosting company.

Linux hosting: what is Linux?

Linux fundamentally is a kernel. Linus Trovalds and thousands of developers build and maintain this kernel. For the rest of the world, this kernel is available free under the GPL license. There are no guarantees or support associated with the kernel. Therefore, if you download this open source kernel and it starts crashing, you are on your own. This is where the industry comes in. The industry takes these kernels, packages them with lots of goodies and massages them to look good. Finally, it sells them to people for money and promises support if something wrong happens at the customer site. The support offered by the industry could be the thread that saves a business from crashing, because its systems running on Linux are dying. Since Linux hosting is extremely specialized work, the industry hires software and hardware experts to handle the customer support issues and sometimes even sends them to the customer site to resolve these issues. It is a business model that is beneficial for both the customer and the industry, a win-win situation for all.

Reseller hosting: mixing technologies

Reseller hosting providers are in this unique position to provide a mixture of technologies by buying hosting services from a variety of providers who support different technologies. The resellers are in this unique position to be able to serve a platter of technologies without having to worry about understanding on maintaining them. From a customer’s perspective, he gets the best of everything at one place and he does not have to sign up with multiple hosting providers, does not have to synchronize them together for his business needs and can easily push all the work upstream to the reseller. This provides him more time and energy to concentrate on his core business. This is one of the primary reasons that the reseller hosting business is become more and more prevalent on the Internet. As we go forward in time, we are likely to see this business improve significantly over time and more and more customers are likely to sign up with reseller hosting businesses.