Linux hosting: what is Linux?

Linux fundamentally is a kernel. Linus Trovalds and thousands of developers build and maintain this kernel. For the rest of the world, this kernel is available free under the GPL license. There are no guarantees or support associated with the kernel. Therefore, if you download this open source kernel and it starts crashing, you are on your own. This is where the industry comes in. The industry takes these kernels, packages them with lots of goodies and massages them to look good. Finally, it sells them to people for money and promises support if something wrong happens at the customer site. The support offered by the industry could be the thread that saves a business from crashing, because its systems running on Linux are dying. Since Linux hosting is extremely specialized work, the industry hires software and hardware experts to handle the customer support issues and sometimes even sends them to the customer site to resolve these issues. It is a business model that is beneficial for both the customer and the industry, a win-win situation for all.

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