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Before VPS Hosting – What Was There?

The ability of one webmaster to be able to have their own separate server is, of course, the best possible world for one that has many web sites and/or an extremely large number of visitors.  The shared server hosting system is the worst possible for this scenario.  The in between, or compromise, of the situation is the VPS hosting companies that are taking up the slack when it comes to this need when you are faced with the above situation.

The Virtual Private Server is the next generation way of hosting your very busy web sites.  The physical server is partitioned off into separate servers and you are placed on a dedicated part of that server.  It is yours and no one else is on it.  It can be manipulated, re-booted and changed around to suit you as much as it needs to and it will not affect anyone else.  What is better is that you will not be influenced by anything that other people do with theirs either.